The 21st century has witnessed an extraordinary technological boom. Over the past decade, advancements in information technology have empowered firms in hospitality industries to develop more flexible ways to sell their resources. More recently, the mobile internet technology has given rise to a new business model known as the gig economy, which has profoundly changed the way we travel, commute, dine, and work. Currently, disruptive technologies such as blockchain are further transforming how firms collaborate, contract, and share data with each other. These technological breakthroughs present novel challenges for researchers in the field of operations management (OM) to explore.


My research interests center around operational innovation, specifically examining how new technologies can be leveraged to develop novel operations strategies. Over the years, my research has evolved with the technological advancements in the industry, leading to the formation of three streams: 1) supply chain innovation with new technologies, 2) operational innovation in the gig economy, and 3) pricing innovation in hospitality industries. My overarching goal is to contribute to the field by pioneering new areas and expanding the frontier of OM research. I believe that the most effective approach to achieve this is by adopting a practice-driven philosophy that identifies novel research questions from the most up-to-date industry practices.

Supply Chain Innovation with New Technologies

Operational Innovation in the Gig Economy

Pricing Innovation in Hospitality Industries